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When your flat roof is nearing the end of it’s life, call Roofline (Residential) Limited and we will discuss the various options available to give you a long lasting solution to your problem. Whether it’s your garage, extension, balcony or pavilion roof, we can take care of this for you with either a GRP Fibreglass roof system OR a Firestone Rubbercover roof system. 

When replacing your existing roof, we will firstly strip the roof before insulating (when necessary), then fixing 18mm OSB structural boards prior to applying the roof system of your choice making sure this is all watertight.

All work is carried out to the highest standards and is fully guaranteed, so contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.


* No Seams
* Flexible - will not teat, split or crack
* Resistant to ozone and extremes of climate
* Tough enough to walk on
* Cold applied system (no need for naked flames)
* Environmentally friendly
* 50 years plus proven life expectancy


* Cromar ProGRP is a cold lay liquid applied roofing membrane system
* Lifetime guarantee
* Durable replacement for traditional roofing i.e. bitumen, felt and lead
* Suitable for roof structures, walkways and balconies
* Cold applied system (no need for naked flames)
* Remains watertight for many years
* Can add significant value to a property

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